Sunday, May 17, 2009

Dr Mohamed Slim Alouini farewell at TAMUQ

Today we gathered for the farewell of Dr Alouini at TAMUQ. It has only been one week since I am here at TAMUQ, but Dr Alouini did have an effect on my career! Last October when I came here for an interview, Dr Slim (and Dr Shehab Ahmed) urged me to finish my Masters so that they can apply for my VISA.

After I came back to Egypt, I took an unpaid vacation from my work at eSpace and started the campus of studying! Thanks to Allah, I got the Masters certificate last February. I was always remembering Dr Alouini's words about pushing my career onwards and finishing the Masters as quickly as possible.

From right: Hossam Hammady (me), Dr Wessam Mesbah, Dr Alouini, Dr Ahmed Masoud, Majid Farouqi.

So although we didn't meet much, but thanks Dr. Alouini for pushing me onwards.


Unknown said...

I like the guy in black shirt :D

Ehab said...

The guy in the black shirt is a total loser. Hosam, how did you get to know such a guy? :P

Unknown said...

man, I only knew him from you,
now who is the loser? :P