Monday, June 7, 2010

Who is the true God, Jesus or Allah?

Everything that is made should have a maker. The computer you are using right now did not come from nothing randomly. There should be a maker of it. The earth, sky, mountains, rivers, your body and everything should have a maker. This maker should be one and only one because if there is more than one, there would be much discrepancy throughout the creatures. This creator is the only God who is so powerful, so great and so merciful. This God is called for since Adam, Noah, Moses, Jesus and Mohammad, Peace be upon them all. They all call for the same creator, the same God, Allah. This is what Muslims believe.

As for Jesus, Peace be upon him, he was given birth without a father. Allah sent his angel Gabriel to Jesus mother, Mary with the blessing of a baby. She asked Gabriel, oh how can I have a baby without a father? He replied, for Allah, the most powerful, do you think it is difficult for him? Allah created Eve without a mother, and Adam without a mother, nor a father.

Jews at that time condemned Mary of making illegal love, they did not believe Jesus is a blessed prophet sent from almighty Allah. They even tried killing him over the Cross when he was an adult. However, Allah, the most merciful, sent someone that resembles him to be prosecuted instead of him. Since then, Christians believe it was Jesus was really prosecuted for the humanity sake. They even believe that he is God himself, or the son of God. But how could a God stay in his mother's womb for 9 months? How could he eat and drink and then urinate and defecate? And how was the world managed while he was in his mother's womb?

If you need more information about Allah and Islam, you can check these websites:

Peace be upon you.


Thursday, June 3, 2010

The undocumented changes in Google Groups posting policies

I have been noticing that my email posts on one of the Google Groups I am subscribed to do not get replies from other members anymore. I was starting to get upset and thought my popularity has dropped and people are totally skipping my emails! I asked Mahmoud what was the last email he got from me and he told me it was several days ago! I logged in to the group website and found that my recent posts do NOT get delivered at all, without a single notice from Google!

After several tests I came to the following:
When your subscription in Google Groups is on email A, you have to really send from this email account A. If you use an email account B with an alternate account A (that appears in the From field), this will not work (as of May 29th and at least for me!)
You will not even get a delivery error from Google in this case because they think you are forging this email.

However, if you send from a totally different account C (and don't try to modify the sender), you will get a delivery error.

Moreover, if you send from account A USING ANY ALTERNATIVE ACCOUNT B, C, D, ... The message will be delivered!

Bottom line, now they only look for the real sender, and if an alternative account is used, they don't reply back with any error.